List of Jerkmate Pornstars


The Latest List of Jerkmate Pornstars in 2024

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Jerkmate is the go-to platform for live sex cam shows and has loads of performers.

This review will go through some of the top Jerkmate pornstars and give you a sneak peek into what makes each of them special and what to expect when you join.

List of Jerkmate Pornstars – Top Picks

Here are some of the hottest ones on the cam site:

1. Mary Carey

Mary Carey is a well-known name in the adult industry and brings her sexy self to Jerkmate. 

Famous for her natural big tits and playful personality, Mary offers live masturbation shows that are nostalgic and loads of fun. 

Her interactive shows make her a fan favorite. She gives you a direct connection to her. 

Mary can blend fun with sensuality, and her shows are a must-see. 

Whether she’s teasing her viewers or getting explicit, Mary always keeps her audience entertained and happy.

2. Viola Bailey

Viola Bailey’s natural beauty and big bust make her a standout on Jerkmate. She teases her viewers with her hot stripteases and naughty tricks. 

Viola can get intimate with her audience and make every show memorable, so you’ll come back for more. 

Her shows often start with playful teasing and then get more explicit, so every show feels fresh and new. 

Viola’s charm and natural beauty make her a fan favorite on Jerkmate.

3. Tera Patrick

Legendary pornstar Tera Patrick brings her experience and sensuality to Jerkmate. Known for her sexy performances and gorgeous body, Tera’s live shows are hypnotic. 

She’s deeply interactive, and every show feels personal and unique. 

Tera can connect with her audience on a deeper level, and that’s what sets her apart, so her fans always have a great time. 

Whether she’s solo or interacting with fans, Tera’s shows are always the highlight.

4. Melissa Lauren

French pornstar Melissa Lauren is famous for her anal scenes and brings that wild energy to Jerkmate. 

Her live shows are explicit and interactive, fulfilling fans’ deepest desires. 

Melissa is a must-see on the platform; she’s fearless and often pushes her limits to give you an unforgettable show. 

Melissa’s passion and dedication to her work are evident in every show, so if you want intense and interactive content, she’s your top pick.

5. Tylene Buck

Tylene Buck or Major Gunns from her wrestling days teases with a mix of playful flirting and hardcore. 

Her Jerkmate shows go from sweet, innocent to wild vixen, so you’re always on your toes. 

Tylene’s nostalgic charm and interactive shows make her a winner. 

She can switch between moods and styles easily and keeps her audience engaged and excited. Tylene never fails in all of her perfomances.

6. Lisa Daniels

Colombian MILF Lisa Daniels knows how to get what she wants from her audience with her sexy teasing and mature beauty. 

Her live shows are full of interactive fun, so she’s a fan favorite among those who love experienced performers. 

Lisa’s shows are intimate and satisfying, often with a mix of sensual teasing and explicit content. 

She can connect with her audience and make every viewer feel special, so her shows are always the highlight on Jerkmate.

7. Ariella Ferrera

Italian beauty Ariella Ferrera brings her gorgeous curves and sexual skills to Jerkmate. Her live shows are mesmerizing, and she can connect with her audience.

Ariella’s shows are passionate and intense. She’ll leave you breathless. 

Her shows often feature solo and interactive sessions, so there’s always something new and exciting. 

Ariella’s charm and expertise make her a fan favorite on Jerkmate, so you’ll have an unforgettable time.

8. Ava Devine

Curvy MILF Ava Devine is a Jerkmate favorite. Her explicit content and naughty attitude are on full display in her live shows. 

Ava has extensive experience in the adult industry, so her shows are highly interactive and satisfying. 

She’s bold and fearless in her performances, often pushing the limits to give you a thrilling show. 

Ava can connect with her audience and give you a personal experience, so she’s a top performer on Jerkmate.

9. Lulu Chu

Petite Asian beauty Lulu Chu brings youthful energy and a playful attitude to her Jerkmate shows. 

Her shows are a mix of cute and wild, so you’re always on your toes. Lulu’s versatility keeps you waiting for her next show. 

She can switch between styles and moods easily, so her shows are always fresh and exciting. 

Lulu’s charm and energy make her a fan favorite on Jerkmate.

10. Savannah Sixx

Rising star Savannah Sixx seduces with her beauty and smile. Her teasing and tempting shows will keep you engaged. 

Savannah can connect with her audience so she’s a top performer on Jerkmate. 

Her shows often feature a mix of sensual teasing and explicit content so there’s always something new. Savannah’s natural beauty and personality makes her a Jerkmate favorite.

Comparing The Top Jerkmate Pornstars

PornstarSpecialtyUnique Feature
Mary CareyMILFNatural, big breasts
Viola BaileyAll-Natural BeautySteamy stripteases
Tera PatrickLegendary PornstarSexy, engaging
Melissa LaurenAnal ScenesWild, explicit
Tylene BuckWrestling DivaFlirty, hardcore
Lisa DanielsColombian MILFSexy teasing, mature
Ariella FerreraItalian BeautySeductive, mesmerizing
Ava DevineCurvy MILFExplicit, interactive
Lulu ChuPetite AsianYouthful, playful
Savannah SixxRising StarTeasing, tempting

Jerkmate’s Best Features to Interact With the Pornstars

Jerkmate has many interactive features to make your experience better. 

Unlike regular adult videos, Jerkmate allows you to interact live with your favorite performers. 

You can tell the performers what you want and they’ll do it. This level of interaction makes the experience more personal and exciting. 

It will create a more intimate connection between the performer and you so every show is unique and unforgettable.


Live chats are a core feature on Jerkmate, where you can interact with the performers in real time.

Depending on both parties ‘ comfort level, thiss can be from casual chatting to explicit requestl. 

The live chat adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience as you can influence the content and direction of the show.

Personalized Requests

One of the best features of Jerkmate is the ability to make personalized requests.

This could be to wear a specific outfit, do a certain act or even roleplay a fantasy scenario. 

You can make these requests during the live chat and the performers will often accommodate them as long as they’re within their comfort zone and the platform’s guidelines.

Private Shows

For a more personal experience, Jerkmate has private shows.

These one-on-one sessions give you the undivided attention of your favorite performers. 

Private shows are highly customizable. You and the performer will work together to create a unique and fulfilling experience. 

It is popular among people who want a higher level of interaction and a more personal connection with the performer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Top Jerkmate Pornstars?

Some of the Pornstars on Jerkmate are Mary Carey, Viola Bailey, Tera Patrick, Melissa Lauren, and Tylene Buck. 
Each of them brings their own style and experience to the platform and is in high demand. 
From old-school to modern icons, these performers have a show for every taste and preference.

What Makes Jerkmate Different from Other Cam Sites?

Jerkmate has live, interactive shows with HD streaming, so you can see everything clearly. 
The platform has a wide range of models and unique features like cam-to-cam and private shows that make the experience more personal and exciting for you. 
These features set Jerkmate apart, where you can connect more intimately with your favorite performers.

How Can I Watch My Favorite Pornstars Live on Jerkmate?

You can visit the Jerkmate website, browse the pornstar list and join their live shows for an interactive experience. 
The platform’s advanced search filters will help you find the specific performers you want based on your preferences so you can have the most personal and enjoyable experience.

Are there MILFs on Jerkmate?

Yes, Jerkmate has MILFs like Lisa Daniels, Ariella Ferrera, and Ava Devine, who are known for their experience and performance. 
These mature models bring a lot of expertise and charm to their shows and are favorites among users who love seasoned performers.


This list of the hottest Jerkmate pornstars is a world of variety and excitement.

Each pornstar brings something different to their shows. 

By giving you the ability to connect personally with your top performers, Jerkmate makes the experience thrilling and fulfilling. 

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to live cams, these Pornstars will give you moments you won’t forget.